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  Petro Kooshesh Pars co.

Petrokooshesh Pars Company is honored, by taking advantage of many years of its experiences in the field of procurement and manufacture of various fuel, hydraulic and industrial pipes and hoses and related fittings for use in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, to render high quality services in the area of military, civilian, marine and aviation industries and to offer consultation for and design pipelines, press works and assembling of different kinds of hoses throughout the Middle East.


Petro Kooshesh Pars provide you with a variety of fuel hoses and relevant auxiliary equipments in the Middle East. Petro Kooshesh Pars has recently introduced new generation of composite discharge hoses to the market and attempts have been made toward up to date and improved fuel hoses in Iran. For many years, traditional dispenser fuel hoses have been utilized in the country, however their poor quality against fuels and short lifetime are of remarkable disadvantages of such hoses.

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Industrial Hose

Composite Hose
Oil Hose - Air Hose
Steel Hose
Fuel Hose

Discharge Hose 2.1/2"
Gasoline Dispense Hose 3/4"
Gasoil Dispense Hose 1"
PVC Hose
Nylon Hose
Teflon Hose
Hydraulic Hose

R1, R2, ... 4SH

Air Coupling
Oil Coupling
Quicky Coupling

TEE, ELBOW, Ferrule, Tail & Nut, Straight Fittings

Nozzle 45
Nozzle 90

Hi Pressure Valve
Ball Valve
Pneumatic Valve
  Industrial Hose Hydraulic Hose Nozzle Valve    
  Composite Hose R1, R2, ... 4SH Nozzle 45 Hi Pressure Valves  
  Fuel Hose R5 Nozzle 90 Ball Valves  
  Oil Hose     Pneumatic Valves  
  Air Hose        
  Steel Hose Fitting Coupling Assemble Hose    
  PVC Hose NPT, BSP, BSPT, METRIC, ORFS, JIC Air Coupling      
  Nylon Hose TEE, ELBOW, Ferrule Oil Coupling      
  Teflon Hose Tail and Nut, Straight Fittings Quicky Coupling      
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