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Hose Maintenance

Petro Kooshesh Pars provide you with a variety of fuel hoses and relevant auxiliary equipments in the Middle East. Petro Kooshesh Pars has recently introduced new generation of composite discharge hoses to the market and attempts have been made toward up to date and improved fuel hoses in Iran. For many years, traditional dispenser fuel hoses have been utilized in the country, however their poor quality against fuels and short lifetime are of remarkable disadvantages of such hoses.

Considering researches and efforts made on this issue and implementing scientific & empirical analysis as well as acquiring up to date knowledge during last decade, Petro Kooshesh Pars has concluded that specific hoses are utilized for each of petroleum products in most of the developed countries.
Having analyzed Rubber hoses and PVC hoses Petro Kooshesh Pars conclude that;
Rubber hoses don’t have a considerable life time due to inner rubbery materials and outer low endurance against fuels. So inner part of the hoses shall be exhausted and fractures would appear on outer parts of the hoses in a short period of time.

During PVC hose test a problem came out. PVC hoses durability against any corrosion and/or exhaustion, however such tubes are not well-built enough to pull off during cold or hot weather. Hoses are so fragile during cold season and so flexible during hot season that makes them more vulnerable and make it hard to handle by the operator.


Hence having analyzed such hoses through lots of research and development activities, finally application of superior and up to date materials in the world while having long life time became as a main item in Petro Kooshesh Pars agenda. Therefore we would be able to provide the country’s petroleum industry with safe and secured fuel tubes and obviate aforesaid concerns.
During first steps we encountered high prices of such hoses, and then attempts were made toward utilizing potential capacities/capabilities existing in the country to design and build at least 60% of manufacturing procedure. So prices came down that could be afforded by end-users.
Another issue, reported by a guy in charge of a fuelling station, appeared to be the color similarity of gasoline and Gasoil dispenser tubes that caused mistakes took place. So we figured out manufacturing the hoses in different colors and features to diminish operator’s fault probability.
Composite hoses are specifically designed for petroleum products (i.e. gasoline, Gasoil, Fuel Oil, Kerosene…) that are featured as light weighted, considerably flexible and having long life time. Such hoses are certified by international standards of BS3492 & EN13765 that endure/properly work under cold weather of minus thirty degree centigrade (-30oC) and hot weather of 85 degree centigrade (+85oC).



  Industrial Hose Hydraulic Hose Nozzle Valve    
  Composite Hose R1, R2, ... 4SH Nozzle 45 Hi Pressure Valves  
  Fuel Hose R5 Nozzle 90 Ball Valves  
  Oil Hose     Pneumatic Valves  
  Air Hose        
  Steel Hose Fitting Coupling Assemble Hose    
  PVC Hose NPT, BSP, BSPT, METRIC, ORFS, JIC Air Coupling      
  Nylon Hose TEE, ELBOW, Ferrule Oil Coupling      
  Teflon Hose Tail and Nut, Straight Fittings Quicky Coupling      
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